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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Oceana the mermaid

Sometimes I make things other than cookies. A freebie web softie tutorial + one pair of linen pants, an indie wrap skirt, a tie-die hankie, some satin scraps and car boot sale embroidery threads. With these I made my Skye a christmas present- a little mermaid doll complete with a mirror.

Skye is a huge fan of the kids tv show Ben and Holly's little Kingdom. When she saw the mermaid episode something clicked. Afterwards there was lots of pretend play in the bath and the swimming pool of being a mermaid who was very sad because she has lost her mirror.

One day she grabbed her red ukulele and sat in the middle of my bed. She strummed and sang a little song, "oceenana feel sa-ad, lost her mirror'. I was lost for words, but I did record it. For sure.

It took me a few nights leading up to Christmas to make the little mermaid. I used the gorgeous and easy to follow tute by #weewonderfuls which allowed me to do a lot of hand stitching. I did double the pattern size though. From my fabric stash I found a happy combination of materials to suit the project. Some were old clothes and some fabric remnants. I didn't need to buy anything for this project! My favourite part was embroidering the face but I also quite liked quilting the hair.

I couldn't wait until Christmas to give it to Skye so I gave it to her a few days early. She looked her over and then made her swim around the air. It was an excellent moment.

On reflection this may have been the moment where christmas became about her happy face. I'm trying to recall a christmas carol that has lyrics about this so I can finish on a poignant note. But I can't.

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