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Monday, December 1, 2014

Bakemas 2014

Yesterday, as we all know, was the first of December. And for me this is the first day of Bakemas.

Last year at this time I raided my mums recipe book - the one with all the women's weekly clippings and recipes with annotations. Pink coconut ice, white Christmas, peanut clusters, rum balls, iced gingerbread men and buttery shortbread  - what's not to love about Christmas. Inspired by the nostalgic recipe surfing I went home and made shortbread.

I instagrammed my results and hash tagged it #bakemas.

And as I did I named my new Christmas tradition. Bakemas. For every day of the twelve days of Christmas I would bake one of these Christmas treats.

As I tend to do this time of year I got a bit confused and carried away. As I did not know, and did not ever google, when the twelve days exactly are, I found myself fluctuating between baking everyday and baking weekly. It did get a bit silly  - like being let loose in a virtual Pinterest session. But it mostly wonderful. The final flourish was four mini Toblerone cheesecakes.

It was crazily nostalgic; recreating favourite treats from my childhood, and storing them in tins and TupperwareI remember opening our family fridge as a youngster and peering between  shelves to find a special treat. Christmas visitors would bring tins of biscuits. Mum would bake, or create some divine no-bake confectionery. And I would guzzle.

I hope to find a bit of a balance for this over the coming years. Maybe I'll look up the twelve days. But I would love for my daughter to have lovely memories of Christmas and home baking.

Yesterday for the start of 2014 bakemas I made speculoos spice cookies. Delicious!

Skye was my helping hand.

Today I have made microwave fudge from the internet! I will post a pic on Instagram later - when my helper is having a nap.

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Merry bakemas.