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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Quick, enjoy the holidays

Ok, shall we go to natural arch today, I ask my hubby at around 6am as we both lay in bed (to try to wangle a sleep in). 
If we want to go we have until about 11am when Skye will need to sleep, 1pm at the max.

So we better go now then, he estimates.

We get out the door two and a half hours later. Then we drive for an hour. We have to pull over so I can drive because I get car sick. All the twists and turns on the scenic drive in addition to the twists and turns of handing Skye snacks and swatting her grabby hands away from my coffee are too much for my tummy. 

I had not been to natural bridge before, nor googled it. I wasn't really sure what to expect. As we navigated along the easy circuit I was reminded of cradle mountain, mt tamborine and eungella. I took so many photos but the camera didn't really capture the light or the layers of ecosystem. 

At the natural bridge I involuntarily gasped! How beautiful it was! A slash of cool blue water poured from inside a dark rock face. The colours and the light were such a contrast. The energy in the air was calming. Oh how I wished I had more than a couple of minutes in which I spent snapping photos and explaining to Skye that the shoe she posted through the guardrail was 'all gone'.

The traipse around the remainder of the circuit involved picking up and putting down an overtired Skye who wanted to run the wrong way down the path, and breathing. With a flimsy promise of peppa pig and a stop at a park she obligingly hopped back in the car for the journey home. 

We were back home marginally before lunch and well before 1pm to tuck Skye into bed for a nap. I began baking like a crazy woman- chocolate spiders and potato pancakes. But for the rest of the day I would marvel at our spontaneous nature trip and think of that cool shot of blue water streaking from the black rock.

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