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Sunday, March 30, 2014

A grand day out

On a day with probably about 200% humidity we took our wild thing to currumbin animal sanctuary. It turned out to be a massive day out and bloody wonderful.

After a strange false start of a 4am wake up, walk to the park and return for a two hour nap, we packed all the things and took off for the south side of the GC.

Feeling both hungry and tired and therefore carelessly extravagant we made our first detour via paddock bakery. It's full of hipsters, the arrogant rich, and the organic almond milk crowd, so we fit right in. Well, fit in in a standing out sort of way. Scruffy, sweaty, loud, supervising a charging toddler, taking turns sitting down to scoff tasty food - that's us on a calm outing. Skye singlemindedly relocated the gravel from the path to the grass verge. I drank a cold press. Fras had fried egg. It was good in a stressful way set against a pretty backdrop.

Back in the car we drove on to CAS to the sounds of peppa pig and weird al yankovich. We arrived shortly after lunchtime. Already the day seemed to stretch for miles.

The rain started. Tourists milled. We took deep breaths. Skye squirmed in the stroller until we pointed out the airplanes directly above on the flight path. These continued to be a highlight for the remainder of the visit.

First fish and snakes, next sleepy koalas and birds. A frolicking cheeky Tassie devil was a delightful sight. 'Pup' says Skye, pointing out the devil who is sniffing us. 

Fraser took her to feed the roos, while I ate an icy pole (banned from the roo area). I saw a baby bush turkey. When I joined them a joey was peeping out from its mothers pouch. Skye enjoyed feeding the ducks and the pigeons. Perhaps because she could chase them. The roos were asleep on their feet.

We climbed up the paths that took us past the crocs and birds of prey. It was even more humid up the hill. Had we walked into a steam room? Time to go. Preferable somewhere with aircon. As we came back to level ground we were able to breathe a bit easier and the sheen covering us somewhat subsided. 

An another moment of careless extravagance we finished our visit with a family photo with chokito the koala. He was lovely. We were tired.

A quick stop for raw honey across the road at Superbee. The aircon in the car revived us completely. We drove along the coast. The view of the ocean was divine. I felt happy. And then I felt hungry. Again. It's no suprise. I'm just about permanently hungry. But Fras was also hungry. 

Another stop was needed - Mexican feasting by way of Guzman and Gomez at Broadbeach. With a touch of serendipity there was to be found a wonderful kids adventure park nearby. So with the smell of the ocean, quickly filling bellies, and big smiles we finished our day on a high.

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