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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The switch

I bundled up Skye and myself with the usual items... water, snacks, hats, toys, towels, nappies, wallet, keys, phone... all tucked into the pram baskets and my pockets. And out the door we went.

It's our third day in Ipswich. I wanted to figure out how to get on the pedestrian bridge and maybe grab some breakfast, somewhere, somehow.

The latest pram (the fourth) pretty much pushes itself. Which is lovely. And Skye snuggles in. Which is lovely. So out the door we go and off down Darling Street, because I was curious to find out what lived there. Turns out, not much in the way of shops, but some lovely houses and huge frangipani trees. We came back down the Main Street, hunting out strips of shade and opening times of op shops. The walking felt good today so I kept going when I normally would have stopped. We pushed on and around, trying laneways and alleys and eventually by way of a car park found the coveted pedestrian bridge.

I smugly pushed Skye across.

I took photos to prove I found and traversed it. Despite the odds. Despite the poor signage and general lack of information on it. I found the beautiful pedestrian bridge which sidles up to the train line, and offers vistas of a sparking river and more parts of Ipswich I've yet to discover .

And here are the photos ...

The river below
Amazed at being this close to the tracks

Found it!

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