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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Digging in the sand

I dug in the sand and Skye put her feet in the hole. I filled it back up, burying her feet. She loved it. Over and over we did this. Digging and filling. Sometimes she would help with the filling or the digging. Often she would get the order wrong, filling when I was digging. Putting her feet in when it had been filled.

Digging in the sand is a simple delight. Easy for me, wonderful for her; a new thing!

After, we sat at the edge of the water, letting choppy waves whoosh over our feet. She grabbed at seagrass and weed, and popped shells in her mouth. Occasionally she threw shells or handfuls of sand into the ocean. Like offerings to the seagods, I mused.

And then daddy caught a fish!

Little keepsakes - above.

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