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Monday, November 11, 2013

Stories of grandma

Grandma Eileen came to meet you for your first birthday. She would have come sooner, but I was sick and then grandad was sick. Your first birthday seemed like a perfect time.

And it was.

She gave you time to check her out, and when you were ready she read books to you. I think she enjoyed them as much as you did! I can hear her saying how good they were.

There were three days together. And then there was no grandma anymore.

I feel sad writing this. But I want you to ask me to tell you all about her.

And I will tell you what I remember...

She came to visit when you were still inside me, growing. She rang to check how we were doing.

When you were born she sent a parcel with beautiful shawls, one she crocheted for you. Another she picked up in New Zealand. She liked to travel. Amazing that she was thinking of you before you were born on her holiday.

And as you grew during your first year more gifts arrived. Neon brights that you wore on the beach. Musical bongo drums that you love to dance to. A shape sorter she got at a tupperwear party! A peacock teeshirt that you grew out of so quickly we only got it on you a couple of times.

For your birthday she chose you a Humpty Dumpty money box. It's your favourite nursery rhyme. Grandma Eileen was uncanny like that. 

Grandma Eileen loved you. She had pictures of you up on her wall. When we go to visit grandad I will show them to you. I will also show you her beautiful garden, and the nest she crocheted for the little birds.

She was loud and bold and funny. She never forgot anyone and she cared deeply for family and friends. She was ballsy and she didn't suffer fools. She was an adventurer and didn't let age or other peoples opinions stop her from having a bit of fun.

You two would have been fast friends x

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