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Saturday, August 3, 2013


I keep thinking how different life has become. It's like I've taken a back road somewhere, and nothing is familiar.

My appearance startles me. My once-blond hair is more of a red brown these days, and its greying. and I wear specs now.

My days are surreal, yet routine. I find myself engrossed in the most random of task. Wiping up yoghurt for example. Or fitting board books into a box. I wait for nap times to do 'me' things. 

I'm sure I'm not alone in all of this reflecting. It must be a new mum thing.

As a stay at home mum there are days where I smile at the irony of it all... Let me ruminate.

I love seeing my fave actors cameo on Sesame Street. And then I love to search for this on YouTube so I can post it on Facebook, because I think everyone else would enjoy this too. This is a bit daggy!

I have a waterproof case for my iphone for when my daughter chews on it. No style statement there.

I have 5 tops that are exactly the same so I don't have to choose one in the morning. But I still have favourites from between those five.

At any moment I don't know what is smeared on me. It may be yoghurt, snot, strawberries or breast milk. It may not even be mine. But the milk probably is.

I'm obsessed with shopping coupons,
eBay and Instagram. I'm sure I was obsessed with IG preSkye, but now my feed is filled with pics of her.

So I think I have officially become the dag of a mum 13 years before my embarrassed teenaged daughter will point it out to me. And I'm ok with that today.

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