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Friday, May 17, 2013


The baby said her first words this week. She is just shy of 8mo but she is careening through her milestones like a thrill seeker in New Zealand - everything and now.

I'm not even sure how I am keeping up with her. It took me a day before I realised that she had said her first word. She had been saying bub bub bub and I was even repeating it back to her. But it wasn't until the next day that it sunk in. Oh! First word! 

Sleep has been so shaky lately, but with all this development it's no wonder. Sometimes she sits up at night in her sleep and then wakes with a fright - like, how did I get here?!

I think my brain is operating in first gear. I've heard the term mumbie - a mum version of zombie. Walking around sleep deprived in search of coffee, sounds like me. I wonder how many other milestones will bypass me?

Skye is crawling more and exploring her toys. I like these brief moments of independent play. I get to do important tasks like clean the high chair, repack the nappy bag or take some photos. These are much easier on the body than holding her hands so she can speed walk around the house.

I have to relax my back and shoulders and do a bit of 'being in the moment' when the walking is happening. Soon she will do it herself. 

We also started swim lessons. It's taken me four months to get around to it! I was overwhelmed with worries like how to manage showers and change time afterwards. But we talked about it and I realised if dadda comes too then those things can be managed quite easily. And maybe in a month or so I will have worked out the rhythm of it. 

We are due to go to our next lesson right now, but Skye is asleep. I feel like I'm living a cliche - babies enter each day on their own terms! 

Every day is both wonderful and terrifying!

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