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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Weekends are family time!

Since the workshops I was running have stopped for a bit weekends are family time again. There have been some different things to do over Easter school holidays. While Skye is a bit young to really get the point, we have loved being able to go to a few events. The main one being a 'local and live' music in the park thing. We packed all the right things - jumpers, towels, a ball, teething toys, and bubbles! We knew things were going well when got a great carpark. Then we ordered fish and chips for our picnic. We are doing the baby led weaning thing which meant that Skye ate the grilled fish and salad with us. Although, milk shakes and ice creams are harder not to share and best eaten during baby naps! The music was pretty much all bluegrass which is so great to kick back too, or have a little dance with dadda too. Skye's first tooth poked out, a happier teething baby I have not seen!

Skye's cousins came to visit. This was their first meeting and it was lovely. They are a bit older and have lots of questions and want to help. It was strange not being the aunty with them that I used to be - playing games and dropping everything to be with them. Now I have my own bundle to care for and she comes first. But we still managed to have a lot of adventures ... Playing on the beach, and catching a reptile show at the shopping centre. The kids all held the crocodile, and Skye discreetly chewed him!

Fraser and I are still getting a buzz from being able to walk along the beach, usually with Skye in a carrier. The other night a storm brought a bounty of shells into the shore. I felt childlike as I peered at them all.

It's nearly the weekend again now. Oh how I look forward to them! This time we are going to a garage sale. The weather is perfect too, so we might get some more beach time in. I'm actually planning to go down this afternoon for a paddle.

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