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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Super taster

As with all my parenting choices I have fallen into baby led weaning more by the desires of Skye than any planning on my part.

Baby led weaning is the process of letting baby feed herself without the need for purees and mashes. It is messy and completely delightful.

Skye initiated this about two months ago when she took the nectarine I was eating into her own two hands and gummed away at it. She reminded me of a naughty possum or wallaby scrounging.

Sine then we have progressed to three meals a day and fewer milk feeds as a result. Skye has such a passion for food that I call her the super taster. And in fact babies do have more taste buds than adults. This is all timely too because They Might Be Giants are playing in Brisbane now, and they introduced me to super tasters.

She loves fruit, with nectarines remaining a favourite but closely followed by avocado, and banana which makes her laugh. She likes to eat what I am eating and really enjoys chewing together. I do big chews - exaggerating the movement.

Baby led weaning holds many surprises. The big thing for me was realising that for now I will never eat alone, and that means choosing my foods more carefully. It also means sneaking 'naughty' foods when Skye is asleep.

Another thing is the selection of high chairs. We grabbed one off gumtree only to find that it's not so great. The plastic liner and the straps don't come off, meaning its wipe down only. There is food mashed right into it. A better choice would be one where you can pull all the bits off and chuck them in the washing machine.

BLW is endearing. Everyday I take hundreds of photos of my dear babe smeared in food, my heart melting at the sight of her discovering and delighting. This morning I watched as she plunged her little hands into my buttery toast and squished. How wonderful to explore food this way!

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