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Friday, March 8, 2013


Tomorrow is the last of the four workshops for the Brisbane council libraries. This time I will be venturing to Coopers Plains library to run Map and Hatch business planning for crafters. Due to popular request I will be running one more for the libraries in September. You can watch my workshops sidebar for more details or visit the BrisStyle website. Details are yet to be finalised. I'll also be doing one more for BrisStyle later in the year, plus two in the format of a master class. These will go for twice as long but have less participants, so you can really get the most out of it.

This week I've had to use some of the tools and words of advice I pass out on myself. The key piece of advice I give regarding planning is to know what your values are. Sometimes I call these standards, other times its brand values. But when you get down to the matter its about being authentic. When you operate from this foundation you get a good gut feeling about decisions and goals, and how to go about travelling towards them.

It's been really flattering running the Map and Hatch workshops because I am getting great feedback. The best bit was when the libraries asked me to do another four in the second half of the year. But I found myself hesitating saying yes to this opportunity because I had a strong gut reaction. When I explored this a bit I realised that in doing the workshops I would be meeting some goals of mine, but at the expense of my values. While Skye is so young I want to be there for her. Weekends are family time. So I made the decision guided by these values. I am doing four workshops in the second half of the year, and that is all for this year. I won't get another chance to spend these early days with my baby. This decision felt right for me and I am happy I examined my early feelings before I gave any responses.

In regards to my goals I was able to make a little progress with one I wasn't too sure I would achieve. Watercolour painting. Last night I read up on wet on wet washes, and today while Skye was napping with Nanna I had a go. It felt very good to be able to fulfil a creative urge. It was one small step, but it was a happy one. Next time I get the chance I can build on it, and drop by drop the bucket will fill.

Skye has been knocking down her goals. While still convinced she will master sitting up in the form of ab crunches, this remains to be seen. She has however taken to solids foods like a professional taster, holding her toast rusk or piece of skinless nectarine in her little fists, and looking up at me, enjoying eating together and copying me chew and swallow. It's precious. Rolling over and sitting up have also been given a tick. Some pics as proff.

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