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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mapping and Hatching


Well the first Map and Hatch of 2013 has been run and it seems it was a smooth success. The participants were a keen bunch who were happy to plough through some simple business planning tools and lay themselves a foundation.

I really enjoyed being up the front again- it has been a while! It's a simple little 2 hour course and pretty straightforward going, so no surprises for me!

I am posting the hatch a goal template here so people can download it for use (right click on the image and choose save as).

I am also using this post as the commit to your goals opportunity that I spoke about in the course. Anyone is welcome to join in! In the comments section pop in your three short term goals for the next year, and also your three long term goals to achieve over the next three years. As we reach these deadlines I'll ask you how you went, and if you met them. Or if your goals changed.

In the coming year my goals are to work through this PND, run Map and Hatch workshops, and learn some watercolour painting skills. Over the next three years I want to still be running workshops, have my brand sorted and have a variety of downloads on my blog available.

Now it's your turn... I'd love to hear what you goals are and to help you achieve them!

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