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Saturday, January 19, 2013

The business of goals

The Map and Hatch workshops aren't too far away so I've been looking at my goals.

The thought of standing up in front of four separate groups of crafters and teaching about business planning was making me anxious. Since the arrival of Skye and the onset of PND I've been wondering what it is I do. I realised my goals had changed.

My business is no longer what it was. Therein lies the importance of revisiting business plans. So I have been following my own advice and scratching together my dreams. I have a lovely new moleskin to plot these out in. I've enjoyed listing lots of words and circling them.

I realised that my online Etsy store is not my sole business. I'm not sure exactly what it is yet but some of the words I've written and circled are workshops, zines, website, helping others. So I'm piecing it together slowly. It's a productive activity that will enable me to hatch a plan that I can achieve, even with a little chicken under my wing. Even more importantly its combatting the PND.

I'm looking forward to the workshops now.

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