from little things big things grow

Friday, January 25, 2013

New blog home

Welcome to my new blog home!

It's been a goal of mine to get my branding sorted, and since I changed my business name from Flight Industries to Flight Studios I've had all sorts of incongruities. But slowly and surely like the turtle I am making progress. And this blog is one more goal that gets a tick.

If you have been a follower of me then you know I have some workshops coming up. Small, intro workshops for crafters who are keen to run microbusinesses and need some help with business planning. There are four workshops at four different Brisbane council libraries over Feb and March.

Here are the details from the BrisStyle website:

This workshop will teach you the process of mapping out your hobby to turn it into a micro business. Participants will learn to apply business planning tools and capture their ideas to hatch their creative goals giving them a plan to make their craft/hobby into a successful business venture.

Important Booking Information:
• The same session will be repeated at four different suburban Libraries across Brisbane, therefore you will only need to book into the one session at the library most convienent to you.
• As this is a Library event and different to our normal sessions, the bookings will directed to the central council number and then put through to the relevant libraries.
Maximum number of participants: 25 per session
Bookings Essential

To Book:

• Call the central council booking line on 3403 8888
• Choose between these dates and locations below
• Ask to be put through to the relevant Library to book into your preferred session. Please be patient with the Library staff who will book you in.

WHEN Saturday 2 February
TIME 10am-12noon
WHERE Toowong Library – 9 Sherwood Rd Toowong

WHEN Saturday 9 February
TIME 10am-12noon
WHERE Holland Park Library – 81 Seville Rd, Holland Park East, QLD 4121

WHEN Saturday 2 March
TIME 10am-12noon
WHERE Grange Library – 79 Evelyn St, Grange, QLD 4051
{They have just opened a sweet little coffee shop}

WHEN Saturday 9 March
TIME 10am-12noon
WHERE Coopers Plains Library – 107 Orange Grove Rd, Coopers Plains, QLD 4108

Proudly Presented by BrisStyle Inc. and supported by Brisbane Library Services

And as a special sneak peak here is one of the worksheets I will be using. You can print it out and have a go prior to the workshop.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

The business of goals

The Map and Hatch workshops aren't too far away so I've been looking at my goals.

The thought of standing up in front of four separate groups of crafters and teaching about business planning was making me anxious. Since the arrival of Skye and the onset of PND I've been wondering what it is I do. I realised my goals had changed.

My business is no longer what it was. Therein lies the importance of revisiting business plans. So I have been following my own advice and scratching together my dreams. I have a lovely new moleskin to plot these out in. I've enjoyed listing lots of words and circling them.

I realised that my online Etsy store is not my sole business. I'm not sure exactly what it is yet but some of the words I've written and circled are workshops, zines, website, helping others. So I'm piecing it together slowly. It's a productive activity that will enable me to hatch a plan that I can achieve, even with a little chicken under my wing. Even more importantly its combatting the PND.

I'm looking forward to the workshops now.

Growing up

We've been living with my parents for a month now. Little things in their house resonate with nostalgic meaning. Mum brought a box of books up from storage and in them were old favourites with inscriptions. To Sally Carole with love from your play group friends. Is that book really that old? I remember it as new, a prized treasure.

I've been reading Miffy hardcovers to Skye that have mine and my sisters' names scrawled through them. Our books. Now her books. My mum, now her nanna. And like my nanna there will be old toys and books in the house for her to discover as new.

Little one has been practicing sitting up. She lifts her head and her legs like a crunch. This makes me wonder if her muscles will get sore like mine do if I crunch. So many growth achievements in such a short time. I feel like I need to watch her always so I don't miss any.