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Monday, November 26, 2012

Baking and babies

Not an easy combo. I have baked three times in the 2.5months that baby has been here. One of these was a packet mix (the shame 😏), the other two cookie doughs, that required chilling. This meant that a good portion of dough was consumed before it was baked days later. I've also made a no bake slice, but obviously that doesn't count.

I have three shelves full of recipes books, including the temping Joy the Baker and What Katy Ate. So what do I end up baking? Cookies from a Huggies Xmas planner (more shame!). Turns out these were a bit involved (stir through melted chocolate) and I may as well have picked something from the shelves of temptation.
Next time gadget.

The baking itself was accompanied by baby monitor. I used the beaters for fear the Red Baron (kenwood mixer) be too noisy and in hope they sounded more of white noise. This type of baking is nowhere near the fun I used to have. Thoughts of Christmas baking have been subdued, especially since the actual baking of the cookies saw me up and in the kitchen at 7am, well at least until another feed beckoned.

And still it feels like progress!

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