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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Baby by the bay

Little Skye is 51/2 weeks old. As people say, every day it gets a little easier. Today has been a pretty good one.

Fraser has completed his first week back at work, and I have had my first solo week. No surprise for either of us that we felt like going somewhere today. Wynnum seemed like an easy option offering fish and chips and park lands by the bay. I wanted to go somewhere that I wouldn't mind breastfeeding Skye. Nothing quite like getting your boobs out in public to raise your inhibitions! I sort of pictured us spread out on a picnic rug taking our time to enjoy the sun and sea breeze.

The reality was quite different. After consulting Urban Spoon we thought we would try the Pelican's Nest, which had mixed reviews, but unlike other chippos it had at least been featured. The Pelican is not particularly baby friendly - there is a big step at the front door requiring lifting your pram up and over. Skye informed us she was pretty hungry with some powerful cries all the way in and out of the shop. My new parent emotions filled me with guilt for not feeding her first. The service was slow and very average, as if they were training new staff. Its a noisy place, like a cave, with Skye's cries being wonderfully amplified and setting my teeth on edge. The owner came over and made a comment about babies being very small but still ruling the roost! It made me feel a lot better. Yay for this owner!

We took our pile of food and drink over to the park to hunt for a little spot of our own. We were hurried on by Skye who was then making dolphin whimpers. This is usually the point where I stop in my tracks and strip off to feed her promptly! We scored a table under shelter right in between the water fun centre and the playground. I tentatively fed Skye while watching children cover their wet bodies in sand and their supervisors watch on, scolding and cheering respectively. Noone stared at me which was a bloody relief. But noone else was breastfeeding either. I would have preferred we weren't sitting so central, so I'll remember that next time.

Our fish and chips were good sized servings, but went cold so quickly that our chips went largely untouched. My Greek salad was wilted and sad. There had been hassles collecting our order from the trainee staff, so overall I think the Pelican is now on the list of places to avoid.

With Skye in the pram we strolled along the pier. The sea breeze was more like gusts of wind and I got tired pretty quickly. We headed back to the car. Day trip over. Postscript I'm really happy we made it out of the house. I'm really happy I managed a feed in public too.

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