from little things big things grow

Monday, June 11, 2012

Week 23

At week 23 I feel like I have achieved something - !
I'm well into second trimester, and only three weeks from the third. My belly is enormous and some of my maternity clothes don't even fit anymore. Little squidlette is kicking and making herself known. I'm even well enough to start some afternoons back at work.
We are trying to take advice from friends with kids to enjoy our peace and mobility while it lasts. Today was a nice drive in the dismal rain up to Redcliffe. I haven't seen much of the area but I got a real kick out of walking on Scarborough beach and sniffing in the salty air. It fined up enough for us to have a short wander. But as we ate lunch from one of the plethora of seafood institutes the weather got wilder. Now I'm snuggled on the couch waiting for a lasagna to cook.

Yesterday we had a really wonderful time with friends over breakfast at Lady Marmalade's in Stones Corner. This is a little quirky cafe, with a hearty approach to food. Our table numbers ranged from a plastic grasshopper to a moose, although the turkey remained from the previous diners. I really enjoyed the food and the atmosphere at Lady Marmalade's. The menu wasn't extensive, but there were plenty of sides to make your own meal from, and there is so much food crammed into the counter! I had field mushrooms on toast with feta. Others had the baked eggs- which seemed to be a speciality. After a break we ordered more coffees so we could stay on. I also had a melting moment with chia seeds and strawberry icing. It was really delicious. The place has a bit of a Melbourne vibe, although I want to take that back and say it has the new Brisbane cafe vibe - because there are so many good places popping up.

The long weekend is nearly over, and I don't think there are too many more public holidays on the horizon. Although we didn't get away for this one, we had some happy time exploring Brisvegas. I hope you have had a lovely weekend, and kept warm.