from little things big things grow

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Week 17

The pregnancy feels like its the longest ever. I'm at week 17 which, according to some, means I could start feeling little squidlet move. It also means I'm deep into second trimester, but not yet halfway through the whole song and dance. Squids can probably hear my voice and heartbeat, and could well be sucking a thumb right now.

My nausea has settled a lot and I am finding out just how much I am up for. More fluids today as I was starting to feel gross and wanted to nip that quickly. This means 4 hours laying on a bed with a needle in my hand. Sometimes I feel worse after the fluids, sort of seedy. But a couple of days with the juices in my system I'm better than ever.

I went shopping with mum for maternity wear. I'm not sure what I thought would happen previously, maybe your wardrobe would transform or maybe you could make do with maxi dresses. Anyway an hour in two department stores saw me right. I came across the bonds bumps label which I love. I made a happy purchase of two long skirts, two dresses, yoga style pants and some singlet tops. The latter are already too small. I am dreading a maternity bra fitting but it's looking all too real and necessary.

Strangely this doesn't seem real. Maybe the first kick will help. I am popping out a bit, but this just seems uncomfortable and also the reason for the shopping trip.

What is becoming common is daydreaming of food. Especially during the fluid stints. I pinned a nice looking poppy seed lemon loaf on Pinterest but tried to ignore all the cinnamon scroll recipe variations- pie crust, pull apart bread, etc. It hasn't worked though, I'm really hungry for baked goods. Cravings??!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

a bump in the road

 When someone announces they are pregnant there is often a lot of excitement and well wishes, and also some enquiries after health. Well I am pregnant, and yes it is exciting, but I have had hyperemesis, which is a bit like 24 hour morning sickness. Its horrendeous, and I dont even have a bad case of it.

With thanks to a great ob/gyn I have tried many treatments, and have landed on regular IV fluids. This has been working a treat. I can get up without a churning stomach steering my towards the bathroom. I have slowly started doing some normal things, and finally helping with the housework again. In fact today I have been doing the washing and bawling along to the muppets soundtrack.

The good thing is that little babe is fine. Growing like a parasite and bouncing around in the amniotic fluid like its in zero gravity.

One of the hardest chores has been meal planning and cooking. My hardworking husband has slaved around the clock to provide clean clothes, clean dishes, and have a meal on the table (when I was up to eating one), and still work his ten hour day. He is a godsend. But he doesn't enjoy cooking. Before I was sick I created a couple of meal planners that would make the job a little easier - just fill in the gaps. But nothing has been able to make it a pleasurable task for him. Now that I am keeping food down, and have some more energy I have been able to take the chore back from him. Taking baby steps, the planning is still pretty simple, with some of our fav basic meals. I am hoping to crack some recipe books in the coming weeks as I head further into second trimester, and hopefully further into good health.

As a special treat I am sharing the meal planner I created, so you can download and enjoy! I also have one that you can fill in calories, if you're that way inclined. Just comment and request.