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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Map & Hatch - who has started?

Thanks to everyone who came along to the workshop yesterday. My apologies for not being there.
A mega super thanks to Helen for running the workshop in my absence - I hear she was wonderful!
I've love to hear your feedback on the workshop. It would be great if you wanted to leave your goals in the comments too.
Here is a copy of the booklet. Please feel free to download and use. Please also remember that this is my creation, so don't put it up on your blog without referencing me and linking back. Thanks.
Map and Hatch Booklet

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Map and Hatch - preview

Hello all,

Here is a little sneak peek into the Map and Hatch workshop coming up through BrisStyle.
This is one of the pages from the workbook; an indication of what to expect.

For those of you coming along it would be great if you had a look over this before you come along.
It'll give you an idea of some of the questions you'll need to answer to make the workshop work for you. For those who missed out - it did book up very quickly - this is something you can do at home!

It's quite interactive, lots of filling in of the workbook, and  workshopping with others. Not to mention the cameos! There are three wonderful women who will speak briefly about their businesses and how they got from there to here.

Enjoy the sneak peek.