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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Memory lane part one: Hobart

On Christmas day the bear and I flew into Hobart, Tasmania.

This is the city where I went to uni. I studied fine art at the the lovely old building on the port. You can just see the pink facade in the shot of the fishing boats.

I grew up on the nw of tas and left for the mainland the first time in 2001, and after a brief return for more study I finally left for good in 2004.

This visit had been 7 years in the making. I don't have any family living there, but quite a few friends. And, as I discovered on this holiday, lots of good memories.

The not so good thing about Hobart and Tas in general, is that everything closes on public holidays and Sunday too. So flying down Christmas day was not so great in hindsight. Also not much wifi. But if you hunt around there are still some treasures!

For us it was the Laundry cafe in Salamanca (see porridge shot), the Jam Jar in battery point (lovely brick building), and the Henry Jones Art hotel restaurant where we had Christmas dinner.

I loved all the old buildings and laughed at myself for not noticing them when I lived there. Old buildings features often pop up in my art.

I took the bear up and down the streets marveling at places that are still there and pointing out gaps where others are no longer. I pointed out where I had gone to see the violent femmes, the chocolate shops, the coffee shop with the loft, and buildings and gardens I painted.

Our fourth and last day was a normal trading day. We rushed to see music shops, antiques houses and witness people in the streets before heading to the Taste of Tasmania. If you haven't been to this it is well worth it. The best tasting festival, and free entry!

The daylight savings provided light until 9pm. That day we used all our waking hours up! At the taste we did a red hat tour of the brewery stands which included ciders. This was amazing and we will do one of these again in the future for sure.

I didn't want to leave Hobart so soon. Next time we will consider the public holiday thing so we can do more.

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