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Saturday, December 1, 2012


A little wee (which needed tending to) interrupted my tree decorating for tonight. I need to time nappy free sessions better. Hubby is happy because he gets to do some decorating now. There is a first time for everything.

I am getting into the spirit with this library book. It's the ninth in a dorky mystery/crime series that I love. I'm very happy that this one coincides with Christmas. But like the tree decorating the book won't be finished in one sitting. I'm getting good at leaving lots of projects unfinished around the house. Actually not much has changed since we has bub!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Baking and babies

Not an easy combo. I have baked three times in the 2.5months that baby has been here. One of these was a packet mix (the shame 😏), the other two cookie doughs, that required chilling. This meant that a good portion of dough was consumed before it was baked days later. I've also made a no bake slice, but obviously that doesn't count.

I have three shelves full of recipes books, including the temping Joy the Baker and What Katy Ate. So what do I end up baking? Cookies from a Huggies Xmas planner (more shame!). Turns out these were a bit involved (stir through melted chocolate) and I may as well have picked something from the shelves of temptation.
Next time gadget.

The baking itself was accompanied by baby monitor. I used the beaters for fear the Red Baron (kenwood mixer) be too noisy and in hope they sounded more of white noise. This type of baking is nowhere near the fun I used to have. Thoughts of Christmas baking have been subdued, especially since the actual baking of the cookies saw me up and in the kitchen at 7am, well at least until another feed beckoned.

And still it feels like progress!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Baby by the bay

Little Skye is 51/2 weeks old. As people say, every day it gets a little easier. Today has been a pretty good one.

Fraser has completed his first week back at work, and I have had my first solo week. No surprise for either of us that we felt like going somewhere today. Wynnum seemed like an easy option offering fish and chips and park lands by the bay. I wanted to go somewhere that I wouldn't mind breastfeeding Skye. Nothing quite like getting your boobs out in public to raise your inhibitions! I sort of pictured us spread out on a picnic rug taking our time to enjoy the sun and sea breeze.

The reality was quite different. After consulting Urban Spoon we thought we would try the Pelican's Nest, which had mixed reviews, but unlike other chippos it had at least been featured. The Pelican is not particularly baby friendly - there is a big step at the front door requiring lifting your pram up and over. Skye informed us she was pretty hungry with some powerful cries all the way in and out of the shop. My new parent emotions filled me with guilt for not feeding her first. The service was slow and very average, as if they were training new staff. Its a noisy place, like a cave, with Skye's cries being wonderfully amplified and setting my teeth on edge. The owner came over and made a comment about babies being very small but still ruling the roost! It made me feel a lot better. Yay for this owner!

We took our pile of food and drink over to the park to hunt for a little spot of our own. We were hurried on by Skye who was then making dolphin whimpers. This is usually the point where I stop in my tracks and strip off to feed her promptly! We scored a table under shelter right in between the water fun centre and the playground. I tentatively fed Skye while watching children cover their wet bodies in sand and their supervisors watch on, scolding and cheering respectively. Noone stared at me which was a bloody relief. But noone else was breastfeeding either. I would have preferred we weren't sitting so central, so I'll remember that next time.

Our fish and chips were good sized servings, but went cold so quickly that our chips went largely untouched. My Greek salad was wilted and sad. There had been hassles collecting our order from the trainee staff, so overall I think the Pelican is now on the list of places to avoid.

With Skye in the pram we strolled along the pier. The sea breeze was more like gusts of wind and I got tired pretty quickly. We headed back to the car. Day trip over. Postscript I'm really happy we made it out of the house. I'm really happy I managed a feed in public too.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Week 23

At week 23 I feel like I have achieved something - !
I'm well into second trimester, and only three weeks from the third. My belly is enormous and some of my maternity clothes don't even fit anymore. Little squidlette is kicking and making herself known. I'm even well enough to start some afternoons back at work.
We are trying to take advice from friends with kids to enjoy our peace and mobility while it lasts. Today was a nice drive in the dismal rain up to Redcliffe. I haven't seen much of the area but I got a real kick out of walking on Scarborough beach and sniffing in the salty air. It fined up enough for us to have a short wander. But as we ate lunch from one of the plethora of seafood institutes the weather got wilder. Now I'm snuggled on the couch waiting for a lasagna to cook.

Yesterday we had a really wonderful time with friends over breakfast at Lady Marmalade's in Stones Corner. This is a little quirky cafe, with a hearty approach to food. Our table numbers ranged from a plastic grasshopper to a moose, although the turkey remained from the previous diners. I really enjoyed the food and the atmosphere at Lady Marmalade's. The menu wasn't extensive, but there were plenty of sides to make your own meal from, and there is so much food crammed into the counter! I had field mushrooms on toast with feta. Others had the baked eggs- which seemed to be a speciality. After a break we ordered more coffees so we could stay on. I also had a melting moment with chia seeds and strawberry icing. It was really delicious. The place has a bit of a Melbourne vibe, although I want to take that back and say it has the new Brisbane cafe vibe - because there are so many good places popping up.

The long weekend is nearly over, and I don't think there are too many more public holidays on the horizon. Although we didn't get away for this one, we had some happy time exploring Brisvegas. I hope you have had a lovely weekend, and kept warm.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Shiny and new. Week 21

I went to the hairdressers this week. It's been 4 months since I've been last. I used to be a 6 week trim person but my first trimester and our baby on the way budget put a stop to that. 4 months was a bit longer than I would like, my hair had gotten a bit scary cat lady. But now it is all shiny and tidy. I'm happy with it, but also really happy because I didn't cop any inane conversation from the hairdresser. If anyone wants a thirty dollar off referral let me know. It's a city hairdresser.

The bump is of course growing and growing. Baby girl's movements are getting stronger. I dug up this fun tee shirt which was my sister's during her pregnancy. I am a lot better this trimester and have started working from home, building up to going back in. I suppose I have been pretty quiet on the social scene, but am trying to rectify this with weekend catch ups becoming more regular.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


I made a treasury on etsy. Its my first one, and its dedicated to squidlet, aka baby girl on the way.

You can go and visit it on etsy here
I would happily buy all of these. But I'm not sure what size she is going to be. The sonographer said she was big already! I wonder if that means no triple 0s. 19 weeks to wait and see.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Week 17

The pregnancy feels like its the longest ever. I'm at week 17 which, according to some, means I could start feeling little squidlet move. It also means I'm deep into second trimester, but not yet halfway through the whole song and dance. Squids can probably hear my voice and heartbeat, and could well be sucking a thumb right now.

My nausea has settled a lot and I am finding out just how much I am up for. More fluids today as I was starting to feel gross and wanted to nip that quickly. This means 4 hours laying on a bed with a needle in my hand. Sometimes I feel worse after the fluids, sort of seedy. But a couple of days with the juices in my system I'm better than ever.

I went shopping with mum for maternity wear. I'm not sure what I thought would happen previously, maybe your wardrobe would transform or maybe you could make do with maxi dresses. Anyway an hour in two department stores saw me right. I came across the bonds bumps label which I love. I made a happy purchase of two long skirts, two dresses, yoga style pants and some singlet tops. The latter are already too small. I am dreading a maternity bra fitting but it's looking all too real and necessary.

Strangely this doesn't seem real. Maybe the first kick will help. I am popping out a bit, but this just seems uncomfortable and also the reason for the shopping trip.

What is becoming common is daydreaming of food. Especially during the fluid stints. I pinned a nice looking poppy seed lemon loaf on Pinterest but tried to ignore all the cinnamon scroll recipe variations- pie crust, pull apart bread, etc. It hasn't worked though, I'm really hungry for baked goods. Cravings??!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

a bump in the road

 When someone announces they are pregnant there is often a lot of excitement and well wishes, and also some enquiries after health. Well I am pregnant, and yes it is exciting, but I have had hyperemesis, which is a bit like 24 hour morning sickness. Its horrendeous, and I dont even have a bad case of it.

With thanks to a great ob/gyn I have tried many treatments, and have landed on regular IV fluids. This has been working a treat. I can get up without a churning stomach steering my towards the bathroom. I have slowly started doing some normal things, and finally helping with the housework again. In fact today I have been doing the washing and bawling along to the muppets soundtrack.

The good thing is that little babe is fine. Growing like a parasite and bouncing around in the amniotic fluid like its in zero gravity.

One of the hardest chores has been meal planning and cooking. My hardworking husband has slaved around the clock to provide clean clothes, clean dishes, and have a meal on the table (when I was up to eating one), and still work his ten hour day. He is a godsend. But he doesn't enjoy cooking. Before I was sick I created a couple of meal planners that would make the job a little easier - just fill in the gaps. But nothing has been able to make it a pleasurable task for him. Now that I am keeping food down, and have some more energy I have been able to take the chore back from him. Taking baby steps, the planning is still pretty simple, with some of our fav basic meals. I am hoping to crack some recipe books in the coming weeks as I head further into second trimester, and hopefully further into good health.

As a special treat I am sharing the meal planner I created, so you can download and enjoy! I also have one that you can fill in calories, if you're that way inclined. Just comment and request.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Map & Hatch - who has started?

Thanks to everyone who came along to the workshop yesterday. My apologies for not being there.
A mega super thanks to Helen for running the workshop in my absence - I hear she was wonderful!
I've love to hear your feedback on the workshop. It would be great if you wanted to leave your goals in the comments too.
Here is a copy of the booklet. Please feel free to download and use. Please also remember that this is my creation, so don't put it up on your blog without referencing me and linking back. Thanks.
Map and Hatch Booklet

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Map and Hatch - preview

Hello all,

Here is a little sneak peek into the Map and Hatch workshop coming up through BrisStyle.
This is one of the pages from the workbook; an indication of what to expect.

For those of you coming along it would be great if you had a look over this before you come along.
It'll give you an idea of some of the questions you'll need to answer to make the workshop work for you. For those who missed out - it did book up very quickly - this is something you can do at home!

It's quite interactive, lots of filling in of the workbook, and  workshopping with others. Not to mention the cameos! There are three wonderful women who will speak briefly about their businesses and how they got from there to here.

Enjoy the sneak peek.


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Memory lane part one: Hobart

On Christmas day the bear and I flew into Hobart, Tasmania.

This is the city where I went to uni. I studied fine art at the the lovely old building on the port. You can just see the pink facade in the shot of the fishing boats.

I grew up on the nw of tas and left for the mainland the first time in 2001, and after a brief return for more study I finally left for good in 2004.

This visit had been 7 years in the making. I don't have any family living there, but quite a few friends. And, as I discovered on this holiday, lots of good memories.

The not so good thing about Hobart and Tas in general, is that everything closes on public holidays and Sunday too. So flying down Christmas day was not so great in hindsight. Also not much wifi. But if you hunt around there are still some treasures!

For us it was the Laundry cafe in Salamanca (see porridge shot), the Jam Jar in battery point (lovely brick building), and the Henry Jones Art hotel restaurant where we had Christmas dinner.

I loved all the old buildings and laughed at myself for not noticing them when I lived there. Old buildings features often pop up in my art.

I took the bear up and down the streets marveling at places that are still there and pointing out gaps where others are no longer. I pointed out where I had gone to see the violent femmes, the chocolate shops, the coffee shop with the loft, and buildings and gardens I painted.

Our fourth and last day was a normal trading day. We rushed to see music shops, antiques houses and witness people in the streets before heading to the Taste of Tasmania. If you haven't been to this it is well worth it. The best tasting festival, and free entry!

The daylight savings provided light until 9pm. That day we used all our waking hours up! At the taste we did a red hat tour of the brewery stands which included ciders. This was amazing and we will do one of these again in the future for sure.

I didn't want to leave Hobart so soon. Next time we will consider the public holiday thing so we can do more.

Monday, January 23, 2012


I'm going to do a couple of blogs before the workshop next month. I want to provide a bit of background and show some behind the scenes preparation.

The idea of setting goals vs the reality of setting goals can be so far apart. The bear and I have listed goals on our to do list for years.

On the weekend we got around to writing them down; a huge accomplishment. It took a three week holiday to name what had been the blocking points to achieving this. If you are not getting something important done identifying what is stopping you can provide clues for achieving your task.

For us it was time and distractions. Pretty common stumbling points I expect. We don't have any children so work and electronic devices (and iview) are what keeps us busy. We thought if we could get away somewhere we might actually get it done.

The opportunity came up to add an extra night to our weekend away (big day out). We had to keep in mind that the extra day was for setting goals. Especially me, because I can get distracted by anything anywhere.

We had a chat about goals and what goals we wanted to set. We chose a ten year scenario, ie where do we want to be. During the activity we also added some things we want to have done along the way, and plans for this year.

Making a list of what defines us and what we value helped immensely. This served as a criteria when we got a bit stuck.

We haven't finished with the goals. The next step is to do the budget. But as they say in motivational courses - how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

If you are coming along to the workshop it would be helpful to have a rough idea of your goals for your business and thoughts about what defines it.

Love to hear your comments and what works for you!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Not sure if this link will work (I'm using the blogger app).

Anyway, big news: I'm running another workshop for BrisStyle!
Yay. The last one was 2009! It was on business planning in the creative industry. This one is the same topic but I'll adapt it to include new tools. Even going to make a little handbook for it! I'm going to use my little chick in the images. Maybe even a little zine will emerge.

I will keep posting developments on here about it.

On the home front things are happening too. When I'm not glued to Damages episodes I'm sorting out the apartment to help stream production and inspiration. Here is a little vignette I created with Christmas pressies and wedding paraphernalia.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Lazy days

I am getting around to posting about Tas. Just not now.

I've been getting some odd jobs done that I kept putting off last year.

It's leaving me feeling happy and determined to keep making good choices. A bit like new years resolutions.

The chicken stamps had been on my too do list for months! They look super!