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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Salad days

We arrived in Ross late this arvo. It's now 8.30 and it still looks like 2. I love it. I can feel the sunshine working wonders on me.

We checked in to a quaint little cottage and then sat on the courtyard and feasted on a selection of food and drinks from the taste of Tasmania festival.

The past few days have been great. We have seen as much of Hobart that you can fit in over three public holidays. Trading was back open today and the vibe was quite different.

We trawled through the music and antiques shops on Elizabeth street first. Then we moseyed down to Salamanca for the taste. We cancelled our cascade brewery tour to take a red hat taste tour. On this we visited 7 brewer stands and tasted over 27 drinks.

Then we indulged on the famous tempura mushrooms, some chargrilled octopus and Eton mess. With enough lining our stomachs to match the alcohol we revisited four of the stands to buy some travelers.

We filled a market trolley with treats and hit the road after clearing the voluntary breatho. A nice detour in the botanic gardens saw the husman tracking trees.

I wasn't sure how I would feel about this trip- visiting the homeland. But I find myself making mental notes "for next time".

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