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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hello stranger

Hello again. I've been holding off blogging while I figure out some changes. But three months have passed and while I haven't finalised those changes, blogging here will bridge the gap.

I'm taking some small steps towards integrating my website and blog onto one interface. I'm aiming to have this ready before the end of the year, so the New Year will mark the turning point.

I've changed my business name from Flight Industries to Flight Studios (someone had actually registered the other one before I could). I've managed to buy the domain too, so soon I will be blogging from there. To ensure I can do this where ever I am, I have invested in an iphone.

I'll make the announcement and link here when its all go.

Here is the new look logo. Its based on a tattoo I got recently. The back story is Fraser's proposal, which you can read about here. I had the chicken designed so that the solid colour is mis-registered, this being a reference to printmaking. 

The reason this is taking me so long is that I have decided to stick with working full time. I have secured a good job with Queensland Rail, a company I enjoy working for. Its a busy job, but not so creative. This leaves ideas bouncing around my head, however when I get home I'm beat. Domestic duties and creative plans have to be balanced. I'm putting some systems into place, to help me. One of those is getting a cleaner.

In other news, six months into our marriage we are forging great memories by continuing to do awesome things. Mini-breaks, concerts, and dinners out are all regular occurences. We are planning a trip to Tas for Christmas through New years. Above is Byron Beach - my first stay as an adult. I loved it. Maybe as much as Paris. Is that too strong?

Check ya.

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