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Sunday, July 10, 2011

I am making art

I have a list of things to do at home, but its not a list of tasks like at work, its a list of lovely friends that I want to make sure I catch up with.

Today I got to see the divine Nicole. We have started doing a wonderful thing, where we meet halfway at Ipswich and go to one of the cool little coffee shops that have popped up, and then peep into one of the antique shops. Its a very wonderful thing. Today was Cactus Espresso (because Bon Laneway is undergoing renos). It was really oldschool - sort of an upstairs downstairs thing, and the toilet was out the back up some rickety stairs looking out over the world.

We also peeped into Cultiver (said Cul ti-vey), which is a new little kraft shop. I really loved it. The building is beautiful, and filled with wonderful vintage and handmade furniture. There are a lot of new labels which I haven't seen before, and I was enchanted. I bought some sweet peep toe heels (secondhand) and the sweetest brooch which makes me think of cupcakes and milkshakes.

As for making art, I always come away from wonderful things with Nicole wanting to make things, and try new things and invest in my dreams! I want to learn more about my art and develop my point of difference, I am re-energised to pick up some things on the back burner and address them.

I am making some prints for a show in Melbourne in September. I found the impetus to get cracking on these after seeing Nic - thanks Nicole. Pulled the little gocco machine out and started printing on some different surfaces. I'm looking forward to posting the progress of this.


  1. Sounds lovely Sally! I was at Cactus just last week, sadly just before Cultiver opened. I hadn't been in that part of Ipswich for quite a while and it's intriguing to see how it is changing. I would have killed to have had such stores to escape to when I was an at-home Mum there for three years (Big W got a bit old after a while).
    Good luck with your work and enjoy the process. Look forward to seeing snippets along the way!

  2. Great to hear from you Sally!
    Hey.. loved your pics from northey st on the senses... great post...

    I wonder if someone will be inspired to do a Brisbane version of 52 suburbs indeed... you?

    You do sound busy though... was delighted to hear your story about Korea. Really glad!
    Go well... good creating!