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Saturday, June 4, 2011

food and festivities - a catch up

A quick catch up of the last couple of weeks ...

The mural I designed has now been painted at Corinda Station. Next phase will be the installation of the murals on panels. Three weeks to the project's deadline, and we are down to the last two murals, and getting the remainder of the panels up.
 One of the lovely moments in our newly married life, pancakes in bed!
 Our first trip to the market in over a month! The rich colours of natural vegies, the smell of the sausage sizzle, the crispness of apples, babies and dogs enjoying freedom.
 Pizza adventures - making the dough, heating the stone, basil from the balcony pots, the house getting warm from the oven ... and then the eating!
Finally, visiting some of our favourite places for an eat - including the kitch as all get out, Jo Jos.

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