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Monday, May 30, 2011

I am not my job

This new mantra is helping my grab back the corners of my day.

wedding bubbles by ngg

I made a bubble sketch, with me in the centre bubble, and then all the things that make up me in bubbles around it. I had so much trouble trying to fill up the bubbles. I've forgotten who I am. No, thats not quite right. Its more like I have stalled. With all my energy going on my job, its no suprise.

But I am going to try to engage more of my loves by focusing on some other bubbles.

Cooking was one of the first bubbles I added. And yesterday was a bit of inspired meal planning, flicking through some delicious new cook books (wedding pressies!!). I've been wanting to try to do some slow cooking. A big grocery trip, followed by a snooze, set me up to relish my spot in the kitchen.

Tonight for dinner we reap the rewards! Beef cheeks in red wine with creamy polenta. Delish.

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  1. Beef cheeks in red wine with creamy polenta.....yes please!!!