from little things big things grow

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Instead of decorating the Powerhouse (reception venue) we fancy the idea of having gobos instead - projections from light sources (google it). This could look very cool - silhouettes over the graffiti covered concrete walls.

I have spent so many hours on google skimming forums for crabbing together homemade versions. I love shadow puppets and printmaking, so I have been excited about designing these.

Today I worked up some designs.

This one is possibly going to have a possum in the branches.

Only then to return to forum skimming tonight to discover you cant put a gobo on a 65 par can because it doesnt focus, and what you need is an ellipsoidal reflector spotlight.
Who knew?
Perhaps we can hire some over head projectors instead?


  1. The gobos (I *did* google it) would have looked beautiful. I'm sure if you had to hire an OHP for the wedding it'd cost 5x the amount it'd usually cost! x

  2. What a yummy idea, stamping the walls with unique designs - I'm sure there's a way you can make it work. The designs are gorgeous, and I reckon the possum is a definite yes!