from little things big things grow

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Salad days

We arrived in Ross late this arvo. It's now 8.30 and it still looks like 2. I love it. I can feel the sunshine working wonders on me.

We checked in to a quaint little cottage and then sat on the courtyard and feasted on a selection of food and drinks from the taste of Tasmania festival.

The past few days have been great. We have seen as much of Hobart that you can fit in over three public holidays. Trading was back open today and the vibe was quite different.

We trawled through the music and antiques shops on Elizabeth street first. Then we moseyed down to Salamanca for the taste. We cancelled our cascade brewery tour to take a red hat taste tour. On this we visited 7 brewer stands and tasted over 27 drinks.

Then we indulged on the famous tempura mushrooms, some chargrilled octopus and Eton mess. With enough lining our stomachs to match the alcohol we revisited four of the stands to buy some travelers.

We filled a market trolley with treats and hit the road after clearing the voluntary breatho. A nice detour in the botanic gardens saw the husman tracking trees.

I wasn't sure how I would feel about this trip- visiting the homeland. But I find myself making mental notes "for next time".

Monday, December 26, 2011


Yesterday I got talking with another visitor about going back to childhood places and experiencing flashbacks.

Since arriving in Hobart I've remembered more of the times when I visited my best friend who moved here at the start of high school, than the three years I lived here while I went to art school. And none more so than when we went up mount Wellington.

A rush of images - a hot pink snowsuit, collecting snow for the bonnet and throwing heaped melting snow at Jane and Travis before suddenly falling through the powder layer across the rocks.

And then the visitor tells me he is off to namibia next month to film mad max 4. He was making a point about feeling nostalgic but recognizing that if you stayed you would never achieve all that you do after you leave.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Three more sleeps

Yes I am counting down until the holidays.

Especially because I am working to a revolting deadline on an enormous project. And I have three niggly little projects with loose strings to tie off. And especially since I have another flu.

On the creative side though I received this lovely vase from my m-in-l. It's quite enchanting- holding another world on its walls. A little water colour on one side and an antique tile on the other.

Did I tell you we are off to Tasmania? Back to the homeland. First time in 6 years. I've been discovering lots of yummy food blogs from there. Do you know any?

Next post will undoubtably be enroute! See you then!

Monday, December 12, 2011


Another beautiful ride into work. I'm thinking of buying a bike mount for my phone so I remember to take some photos. I ride along the river most of the way. It's so warm that I need to leave early. By the time I reach the cycle centre my brain is functioning enough to formulate a routine.

I'm not due to start work for another 20, so I found myself visiting a new coffee shop for breakfast. Sadly it's not as yum as I hoped.

Last night I made the dough for Dutch spice cookies from my feast magazine.
The spices looked like a galaxy sprinkled over the kitchen counter. I hope to have time to bake some tonight after pressing bits into moulds.

Sounds like a brass band is playing carols nearby...

Saturday, December 10, 2011


Have just seen the foo fighters play at the metricon stadium. it was huge and completely rock. I felt young again! Shaking my head and playing air guitar in the sweaty post rain weather.

We are staying at mermaid beach. I love this part of the gold coast. It's still sleepy with an eclectic mix of old and new. Gov's espresso was grand, but disappointing that they don't do meals. Bloody good coffee though.

We had a great explore today of the main and back streets. Keen for another sniff around tomorrow. More delights like the exotic Asian grocers which I always thought a porn store.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Resting up

Another day of resting. I attempted going to work but got sent home by colleagues who have good health preferences.

So my resting today consists of Christmas shopping until the cleaner finishes up at home, and then falling blissfully asleep in a freshly made bed.

When did Christmas shopping get so revolting? Hideous lines of clever and funny useless objects, queues and finding yourself buying shit like tony hawkes and wii karaoke. God. And for good measure tapping all the purchases into my gift list app.

Sensibly I have split this up with wonderful things like eyebrow tints from the lovely Deirdre at benefit and a sparkly silver pedicure in anticipation of the Christmas function this sat.

I am writing this from the delightfully understated jojos.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Taking the day off to rest. I'm so tired at the moment.

I keep trying to do things tho. The dishes, the washing, load some new programs. As a result I have deleted all my computer files, spilt the muesli on the floor and nearly broken the plates.

Just rest. Why is it so hard?

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Bedside table

Currently reading these two. On the list of age indicators - preference for non fiction reads.

Loving the font book. Equally good for two minute waiting for the bus reads and snuggling up in bed. Indulgent learning.

The zine book is more academic. While it reads a bit like a blog the info is heavy. Better for a chapter at a time.

And I just purchased the art one today. Why is it every time I go Christmas shopping I benefit?

Friday, November 25, 2011

Pinterest. Nailed it.

I've made some of the projects that I have pinned on Pinterest. God it feels good to say that.

A work colleague asked me today, considering that my hubby has a fancy car, what my toy was. I was a bit stumped so I went with shopping. But I should have said pinning!

So, for your interest my projects...

Wrapping paper with stamped names.

Glass etching (it really is easy, but watch out for drips)

Chocolate Lego men.

What pins have you nailed?

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hello stranger

Hello again. I've been holding off blogging while I figure out some changes. But three months have passed and while I haven't finalised those changes, blogging here will bridge the gap.

I'm taking some small steps towards integrating my website and blog onto one interface. I'm aiming to have this ready before the end of the year, so the New Year will mark the turning point.

I've changed my business name from Flight Industries to Flight Studios (someone had actually registered the other one before I could). I've managed to buy the domain too, so soon I will be blogging from there. To ensure I can do this where ever I am, I have invested in an iphone.

I'll make the announcement and link here when its all go.

Here is the new look logo. Its based on a tattoo I got recently. The back story is Fraser's proposal, which you can read about here. I had the chicken designed so that the solid colour is mis-registered, this being a reference to printmaking. 

The reason this is taking me so long is that I have decided to stick with working full time. I have secured a good job with Queensland Rail, a company I enjoy working for. Its a busy job, but not so creative. This leaves ideas bouncing around my head, however when I get home I'm beat. Domestic duties and creative plans have to be balanced. I'm putting some systems into place, to help me. One of those is getting a cleaner.

In other news, six months into our marriage we are forging great memories by continuing to do awesome things. Mini-breaks, concerts, and dinners out are all regular occurences. We are planning a trip to Tas for Christmas through New years. Above is Byron Beach - my first stay as an adult. I loved it. Maybe as much as Paris. Is that too strong?

Check ya.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

I am making art

I have a list of things to do at home, but its not a list of tasks like at work, its a list of lovely friends that I want to make sure I catch up with.

Today I got to see the divine Nicole. We have started doing a wonderful thing, where we meet halfway at Ipswich and go to one of the cool little coffee shops that have popped up, and then peep into one of the antique shops. Its a very wonderful thing. Today was Cactus Espresso (because Bon Laneway is undergoing renos). It was really oldschool - sort of an upstairs downstairs thing, and the toilet was out the back up some rickety stairs looking out over the world.

We also peeped into Cultiver (said Cul ti-vey), which is a new little kraft shop. I really loved it. The building is beautiful, and filled with wonderful vintage and handmade furniture. There are a lot of new labels which I haven't seen before, and I was enchanted. I bought some sweet peep toe heels (secondhand) and the sweetest brooch which makes me think of cupcakes and milkshakes.

As for making art, I always come away from wonderful things with Nicole wanting to make things, and try new things and invest in my dreams! I want to learn more about my art and develop my point of difference, I am re-energised to pick up some things on the back burner and address them.

I am making some prints for a show in Melbourne in September. I found the impetus to get cracking on these after seeing Nic - thanks Nicole. Pulled the little gocco machine out and started printing on some different surfaces. I'm looking forward to posting the progress of this.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Good eatings

I signed up on Pinterest this week. Addicted immediately.
I really love this piece of social media.
You can find me here

One of the first things I pinned was the Smitten Kitchen pic of their homemade oreos, which my friend Nicole had blogged about here. It was repinned 22 times. Viral.

I made the recipe yesterday using many new wedding pressies - including Tony Stark - the red kitchen aid, and the precious Nigella Lawson measuring cups. I balanced the finished cookies on a chunky divine dipping plate.

Have you made these yourself?
I think next time I want to use less butter, because the wafers were pretty oily. Other than that they are wonderful, so much so that I wrote them into my recipe book.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Six senses

Sight: The Northey Street Market, in full swing with buskers and dogs and coffee

 Sounds: Rainbow Lorikeets in the trees

Touch: plucking lush coloured vege from market stands.

... and then arranging them

Taste: bbq and fresh salad on the deck (fresh shelled peas with goats cheese, baby toms with basil)

Speech: catching up with friends over cheesecake in the park.

Inspiration: I loved reading this wonderful sign at the market. Hope you do too.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

food and festivities - a catch up

A quick catch up of the last couple of weeks ...

The mural I designed has now been painted at Corinda Station. Next phase will be the installation of the murals on panels. Three weeks to the project's deadline, and we are down to the last two murals, and getting the remainder of the panels up.
 One of the lovely moments in our newly married life, pancakes in bed!
 Our first trip to the market in over a month! The rich colours of natural vegies, the smell of the sausage sizzle, the crispness of apples, babies and dogs enjoying freedom.
 Pizza adventures - making the dough, heating the stone, basil from the balcony pots, the house getting warm from the oven ... and then the eating!
Finally, visiting some of our favourite places for an eat - including the kitch as all get out, Jo Jos.

Monday, May 30, 2011

I am not my job

This new mantra is helping my grab back the corners of my day.

wedding bubbles by ngg

I made a bubble sketch, with me in the centre bubble, and then all the things that make up me in bubbles around it. I had so much trouble trying to fill up the bubbles. I've forgotten who I am. No, thats not quite right. Its more like I have stalled. With all my energy going on my job, its no suprise.

But I am going to try to engage more of my loves by focusing on some other bubbles.

Cooking was one of the first bubbles I added. And yesterday was a bit of inspired meal planning, flicking through some delicious new cook books (wedding pressies!!). I've been wanting to try to do some slow cooking. A big grocery trip, followed by a snooze, set me up to relish my spot in the kitchen.

Tonight for dinner we reap the rewards! Beef cheeks in red wine with creamy polenta. Delish.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


The long days are paying dividends. The chapter at the warehouse has finished, and the next phase has commenced. Look out for artists painting at stations near you. With only 3 months left in the project our timing is good, and the response is fantastic, including a couple of newspaper articles.

My work hours are intense, regularly clocking up 10 per day. My hours at home rely on the instant - iview, takeaway, pre-programmed washing cycles, and a heavy duty spreadsheet dictating what's left to be organised for the wedding. Not much thankfully. 20ish days left. Weekends have been booked up too, but for this one. I am chilling at the parents. What's not to love about homecooked meals, the spare bedroom, and someone else's waterbill!

Saturday, March 19, 2011


On Friday I went with lovely workmates to see Arj Barker at the Brisbane Comedy Festival. I love how they do these projections on the side of the building. I laughed so hard during the show I was sure I was going to vomit. I had to take some very deep breaths!

At work, we have one more week in the warehouse to finish the last of the murals for the train stations. We are ahead of schedule, which is fabulous. For the artists there will be a week off, and for me a week of admin. Then they will go onsite at the stations to finish the murals that need to be direct application. My role has been coordinating the murals being made at the warehouse. Below is a pic of all the murals complete. I think it is 12 stations worth!