from little things big things grow

Monday, December 6, 2010


Tonight I got home from work and went straight to bed. Slept for four solid hours. Took me awhile to orientate myself, but finally got there and made cookies and scones for morning tea at work tomorrow. Also sampled them - just to make sure. I like to use the marcus-neiman recipe for choc chips and alter it slightly. Lately my tweak is to put ground almond meal in the mixture. I like the texture it creates, also the cookies are more filling.

So, I did my real last market for the year on Saturday, which was a bit of a wash out. But it was lovely to see some regulars returning to the market, and pointing out which of my prints they have, and others enquiring about the process, or sharing their printmaking stories.

The well admired hanging - which I have had since I was a little girl.
 I loved hearing people stories when it jigs their memories of the same
of similar childhood bedroom adornments.
 The increasing marshland at the front of my stand!
The new perpetual calendars caught a few eyes.

I am sorry for being quite surly. Im not the best in the mornings, and I got up at 4am to finish off some preparations. It was all a bit silly and unprepared of me, and in that respect, novel. Retrospectively it was a big lesson about being overcommitted - which I am. So, its time to cut back on things.

But what goes and what stays?
How do you decide what to cut back on?


  1. I don't know- that's a really hard questions. I guess, try to keep the things you enjoy the most, and manage time better for the things you have to do.

    I really can't believe anyone else listens to the Neil Diamond Christmas Album- it's gold!

  2. Holy jeebers, that wall hanging! Jolt! I remember choosing which girl I would be. I think it was the curly one in the back. Wow.

    I am freaking that you found a friend who is also into Neil's Christmas. Hilarious! I think tonight, we put up our christmas tree, a bit late!!

    good luck with the balance.

  3. When you work it out can you please let me know!

    But seriously, I think we can always do that 'extra little bit' for each market and job that we are working on. The trick is feeling comfortable to say 'what I've done is ok'.

    PS My mum loved her 'Brisbane coat of arms' I bought off you a while ago. I gave it to her on the week end for her birthday. It's going to go well with her owls.


  4. I love your morning surly, it's what makes it such a joy to see you early in the day :)

    I'm very bad at cutting back. I often cut back on the things I find boring which is generally houseworky stuff like putting clothes away etc. Other than that I just stay up late when I've got a's a struggle. Good luck with it!

  5. Thanks for all your lovely comments!
    I have ordered a zine on time management from pikaland, which might have some clues.
    Will let you know!