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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


 "got my arms back here"
Ok so technically the second one is a gecko, but stil, a lizard none the less.
Look at them all!

The heat is starting by 5.30am (I discovered this morning), so of course the lazy ones are out basking away by the time I am trudging home from work in some inappropriate shoes. Last night I got so close to one, but then another lady aborting the bus moved too quickly and scared him off into a pipe. Stop moving so quickly ladies!

Also, on a more twinkly note, I am guest starring* at the BrisStyle Twilight market tomorrow night. Check it.

*By guest starring I mean I will be the main event ... of course. Not really. But I will be there, in the Co-op marquee next to the divine Parisian, Sandrine Marsh

1 comment:

  1. These lizards are so funny.The first time I came across a big one (Iguane in frech)here, I almost had a heart attack...They kind of unusual where I come from :)lol
    See you tomorrow, I got more sparkles now yay!xx