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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Organised by Art planners at the market!

I am very excited because the collaborative project I worked on with my cousin is coming to fruition. Our functional and beautiful 2011 planners and art calendars will be for sale at the BrisStyle eco market this Saturday. I blogged about these here if you are feeling out of the loop. The Organised by Art website show all of the designs and you will be able to buy from there soon if you cant make it to the markets. You could also leave this webpage open for your partner to see and get the hint!

The Lesser Sooty Owls Art Calendar

I was really inspired by this project and as a result found myself with the impetus to make a perpetual calendar for recording birthdays.
My big sister has has one of these for many years, and it has travelled around with her everytime she has moved, reminding her to remember friends and family's special days. So here is my version.

Its available as a download from my etsy store. It comes with instructions for how to assemble, and even has some friendly tags with lists of things you might need to celebrate birthdays! I hope you like it. The imagery relates to the exhibition I had - the Gatekeeper, and shows a lot of gates, hinges, keys etc, which I love, but are appropriate because they are metaphors for entryways. And every birthday is an entry to the next stage of your life.

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  1. Wow, it's so black and grown up around here! See you Friday night!!