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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Zine for sale

You can now purchase this ranty piece of writing from my etsy store ... and guess what else? You will soon be able to buy it from Sticky too! I cant wait to see it on their online store - screen shots fo'sure.

I did my own version of a photoshoot  of the zine, using my new favourite prop - a slide case. I've decided to use various cases as the theme for the market stand, and carry this over to the etsy store too. Sort of a travelling sales man vibe. There are some amazing cases around too. I'll have to pop a shot up of the one I got today from the Valley Lifeline. Its a lovely sort of deep square shape which will be nice to prop prints in. I think I'll be moving away from doileys - shame, but the bear thinks they are old fashioned, and as he is sharing the stall I shall endeavor to be more new fashioned.

The fabbo thing is that I sent a copy of my zine to Elle, because it was made in response to her zine (I lost my sense of irony in Brisbane - get a copy, its funny).  And after waiting, waiting, waiting, and then remembering mail to Melb does not arrive overnight, so waiting more patiently I received a delightful email. She approved! And she wants 20 copies. So excited. However I have to now go back to officeworks and make more copies to assemble in front of a video (I dont think I will manage to ever progress to saying DVD).


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