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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

spooky owls

so, here are the new owls
I call them the spooky owls.
I think its their eyes
tried a few new approaches with these fellas

Here they are looking curious and stark in an ikea frame.
What do you think?

I'll sell a few at the indie eco market coming up. It'll be my first eco market. I'm looking forward to it.

Also this is one of the images on the calendar planners - have a peak over here ...

on a completely other note
eugh, I've started working full time again.
I dont mind the getting up as much as I used to, its the tired cloak that drapes over me in the evenings thats the drag.
my to do list is hanging like a timed out internet session and the only thing I seem to be on top of is the washing.
However I did buy some new makeup.

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