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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Rainy day freebie

I know I said it was hot and sticky ...well I spoke too soon.
Now its pouring.
I shouldn't have complained.

I always feel a bit trapped when its raining. I hate putting on jeans because I know the ankles will get sopping wet. The grey sky seems to frown down. Not to mention the wet dog scent in the air.

Downpour at beautiful Northey St City Farm

So to distract myself from this I have been buckling down with my to do list (and a packet of choc bits) and getting a good feeling from ticking things off. One of the big things is planning for the wedding in May. The other is the not-so-secret planner project I have been doing with my cousin Sara of Yumi Projects.

Part of this is a special freebie with which you can countdown the rest of the year. Just click on the link below which will take you to a google docs section. You can select the PDF file and print out on your home computer. You can adjust your settings to print A3 size if you have access to one of those printers.

Dont forget to visit the organised by art website to view the complete range of planners. There are a few styles including planners with room to write on and art calendars which are better at looking beautiful. I have done the artwork and design for the 2011 range. Sara will be gathering more artists to produce the range for 2012. I am really happy with the results - some new linocuts, and some old favourites.

The Jacaranda Lyrebirds planner

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  1. This end of year calendar is great, Sally! It may just be what I need to get organised for the busy part of the year, with all the markets and stuff. Cool blog too!