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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

hot, sticky woman

its totally humid - but also beautiful ... how can I stay angry with Brisbane when there are these delights?
 QUT Gardens Point
Mowbray Park

Norman Park

In other news, I had breakfast at the Waterloo Hotel in the Valley the other day. Yummy. How wonderful. Its a very pretty hotel, with lovely food, and a fresh smoothie on request served in a tall cocktail glass. I was a bit alarmed when I went in, all dressed in flowy linen and hair still wet, to see many business executives who the barista knew by name. I timidly approached the counter which was covered in drink making tools and things ... of course she was lovely and vetted my fears. I was soon seated with cold water and a fancy pants menu - art neoveou meets art deco meets book binding ...
Anyway here is what was left of my buttermilk pancakes with raspberries and homemade vanilla bean icecream

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