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Thursday, September 16, 2010


so, I made a zine!

There has been a bit of an understory happening with zines and finally it got to the point where I made my own. Its called The next time you are in Brisbane. It responds to directly to Elle's zine I lost my sense of irony in Brisbane. This zine is pretty tasty, and caused much rememberance of my first impressions of Brisbane. My zine is sort of a guide to the best of Bris according to me. And it feature my urban avine linocut and my ibis stamp. It was fun to use them in such a lo-fi method.
LO-FI ... I like it.

So, do you read zines? What are your favourites? I am rather fond of Gutterslug, and I love Elle's earlier ranty one Envious Casca. You can get these from the Sticky Institute (which is in Melb - underground near Corky St Clairs). Shopping online for zines is good because you get so much for your buck.

Understory ... I read a couple of zine plugs via the four thousand blog. I was really interested in one called Gutterslug about a homeless chick from Brisbane. When I went online to buy it was out of stock. Then later I was raving to my sister the beezus about "possibly she could do her media studies assignment on something fun like zines". Then after this I beseiged her with every zine I came across - google reader and the share app got a good workout. Eventually I went back to sticky's online store and found gutterslug in stock, along with the second issue. The total of the order was so cheap that I added a few more to the shopping cart.

The next day I read about the zine fair at Bleeding Heart gallery, which I plugged into my outlook calendar, and invited my bear too. Then for my birthday Beezus sent me a handful of zines. Then I recieved my mail order. Zines were everywhere and I was happy. Also something that was rad was that Elle (who is from sticky) added notes with her thoughts on my new zines, and revealed herself as the author of Envious Casca - which is most excellently ranty and stampy. Talking with Beezus on the phone I then discovered that she knew Elle from work. (Sorry this is getting long). Also then I met Elle at the zine fair - she travelled up from Melbourne for it. I introduced myself to her and bored her to death with my alkward communications. But as it turns out she made a zine about her time in Bris and then sent me a copy. Radness. Oh and it turns out Elle writes those zine reviews for four thousand. And Beezus got a good mark for her assignment.


  1. where can we get one of your zines Sal?

  2. i love this post. it's a bundle of fun and happy parallel shit.
    will you send a bundle of zines to sticky to stock? i am pretty sure they have an 'anything goes' policy. and does elle know you responded. this is so cool. fangirl stuff.
    love the beezus.

    (word verification= ingestion)

  3. also love the beezus! love,love, love this post...

  4. Hey Nicole, I had it listed in my etsy store, but it sold! Am sending a bunch down to sticky soon, also must post about the venture of a split zine with Elle of sticky notoriety. Need to do some more photocopying before I can relist.