from little things big things grow

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My creative space goes on an outing

You are invited to the latest showing of my work at the Brisbane Square Library. Finally the show is up! The screenprints that I have been posting peeks of here are now framed and on display. They are on the second level on the wall that looks out to South Bank and the river.

Below are three low res images of the results. While I was strongly influenced by the decorative gates and doorways of Europe and the UK, I have actually use images of gates from Brisbane! The keys are the ones I found in the secret garden in Northern Ireland, and the doorknocker is Parisian.


Flight (four keys)

Please enter (three colour)

Now I am off to create in my other favourite space - the kitchen (guacamole with tortillas). To peruse other creative spaces rocket yourself off to Kootoyoo.