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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Making some more arts!

Making art and making food has a similar invigoration for me. Above are the monte carlo biscuits halves (ready for pairing) I made on my birthday. The recipe is from Katrina who is undertaking her own Arnotts challenge - to cook the range herself! You can read about it or grab the recipe yourself here.
A peek at the prints from Saturday's screenprinting session. Look at the lovely colour on colur effect! I might sell these as posters at a market one day. The work is for my showing at the library which is less than a week away now. I have one more Saturday to make the serious pieces. I hope to post the invite soon on here.

Instead of the promised steely-grey, I went with a green-black as I couldn't find a steely-grey that I liked. This is nice though, a bit reminiscent of heritage green. I think from memory that big gate is actually green.

And back to food. You may also like to try out the impossibly healthy but delicious Goody balls recipe via Sam. Delicious, but remember to use fresh dates. I didn't and ended up with a mixture that wasn't sticky enough. Easily fixed with peanut butter and honey, but I am looking forward to trying this again ...
Oh and here is my pre-birthday sponge cake with cream and passionfruit, displayed on my new vintage plate setting (coffee, or tea, for two) and our lady chickens teatowel. When we were in Ireland I bought a Jamie Mag . This recipe is in the three weeks of meals section as a morning tea idea ... a great idea indeed!


  1. You had me at Monte Carlos. They are my all time favourite biscuit.

  2. I finally dragged my eyes away from the Monte Carlos and fell in love with your prints. And I adore your chooky teatowel!

  3. Nom nom. Can't choose my favourite recipe from this line up, but boy, oh boy that passionfruit's a bit spesh. Loving the prints. Can't wait to see your exhibition in the library.

  4. Hi Sally,
    Like the screenprints you've been doing - the key is a great subject...and just dont tempt me ...all those yummy things you've made.
    Hope you read about the homage to the seed event....your work was oohed and ahhed over ...really appreciated your mailart arriving and getting to show what you sent in to put off for the show.

    Big thanks case you did not read the other mentions....

  5. yum - to the food and the screen prints!!

  6. I am so glad that you have liked the Monte Carlos! I thought that I would stop by and say hi! And thankyou for making my Monte Carlos!!!

    Kat xox