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Sunday, August 15, 2010

I am making art (200th post)

I have approximately 2 weeks until my new exhibition. I have been given the time to spend focusing on this, and not job hunting. Although job hunting might be good regardless.

I have become obsessed with making the artworks from screenprints for the exhibition, despite not having the skills. Fortunately fate offered a path that made this possible - a three session screenprinting course. I had my first session on Saturday just been.
The workshop was with Jenny Sanzaro-Nishimura. She is the president of Impress Printmakers Studio, so I know her and love her style. She is forthright, hardworking and real. The course reflected this. Here is a pic of her showing us how to use the squeegee on the exposed screen.

Here is my exposed screen - standing up in its hinge. No cutting out of stencils for us, this is the big time, the new technology. Using a black and white transparency, some exposure solution and a megawatt bulb the screens are transformed from blank mesh to block outs with our designs ready for printing. (I'm not going to do a tute here. There are plenty of bits of youtube to tune into, or you could do a course with Jenny yourself. It is well worth the money.)

And here is the magic moment - a print, exactly as it should be, in a wonderful lilac shade. I got such a childlike kick out of lifting the screen to see the same design perfectly printed each time that I made quite a few prints, and came home with nearly a ream! It was unreal not having ink all over me, and not having to wrench the big press around like I do with linocuts.

Here are my prints on the drying rack. The closest image is of a Parisian Door Knocker, and the far two are of a German Gate Handle. Next week is serious business, so no more pretty lilac, Im thinking a steely grey-black. I have been fiddling around on photoshop today editing some more door handle and key photos from the overseas trip into black and white stencil type things.

My view while printing was very lovely!

The exhibition, titled the Gatekeeper, will be in the Brisbane Square Library during September and October, where the theme for all the exhibited artwork is 'What is a book'.

I have built onto the work I did last year for the Threefold exhibition, and looked further into iron lace. I excitedly discovered that early iron lace patterns were inspired by illuminated books. Initials of owners made their way onto gates and entries, and with them the sweeping arcs and lines of calligraphy, as initials disappeared arcs and lines stayed, and are the influence of the product we see today -the humble and much simplified garden gates of Brisbane.

The artwork, then, will examine some of the old gates and keys, drawing parallels between books and gateways - presenting both as entryways of sorts. Image wise there will be some lovely new screenprints of keys, gates and door knockers, with embossings of books.
I hope to post some more next week!

Also, this is my 200th post. Thanks goes out to Nicole who encouraged me to start a blog. I love all my readers, and thankyou for indulging me as I journal through my art practise, new recipes, markets and more recently travels. For those that love magazines there is a giveaway with Peppermint Magazine for new subscribers. You could win one of my owly prints!


  1. Good stuff Sally! I can't wait to see the steely grey prints of your knockers ;)

  2. Looks like lots of inspiration is flowing after that trip, great!Happy 200th!

  3. Reading this post, I was caught up with your excitement. Well done - beautiful work, and a big congratulations on your 200th.