from little things big things grow

Monday, July 5, 2010

Homage to seeds

oh seeds ... what magicical wonder, from Roald Dahl's description of conkers in Boy, to my own thrill of dropping sycamore 'helicopters' and watching them spin

gouache and embroidery on sycamore veneer

... here are my postcards responding to Sophie Munn's wonderful call out (previously mentioned here)

... and here a glimpse of my creative space (imagine The United State of Tara playing in the background and a heatpack snuggled close)


  1. I can feel another purchase coming on!

  2. Hi Sally,

    I am dropping into tell you I picked up your fabulous postcards on Friday.... end I'm blown away by how wonderful they are...and so glad to think a lovely brisbanite made these so I may get a chance to meet you in real life.

    I now have to find some helicopters to have for children to look at....

    Tomorrow I'll be putting them up ... first day of the 7 day event.

    Ill be adding the photos next week... of the latest additions... Im hoping to show them elsewhere this year as well... Thank you so much!