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Saturday, July 10, 2010

essential packing items

Clockwise from left - new old leather jacket from opshop, squishy sleepy travel pillow, Pia Jane Bijkerk's Paris Made by Hand, finger puppets, new keen 'midori' shoes, shelley berelli wristlet pouch and ipod on loan with soundtrack for the next four weeks of my life!!
Let me introduce you properly to our travel avatars - on the left is the loch nip monster, and on the right is Steve the guitar.

Essential eating prior to departure - vegetarian mexican Byron Bay gourmet pie.
And miniature chocolate self-saucing puddings.
I hope to be posting while on a our pre-honeymoon in Europe. Itinerary reads: Germany, Amsterdam, Paris, Northern Ireland. Home in August.

Also, before I head off here is some art fantastic in Stones Corner. Looking very good. Hope when I get back there is more!


  1. OOh, I didn't know you were going travelling OR getting married!! Congrats on both!

    I hope you have an amazing time x

  2. OOOh it is getting exciting, you will make me Dreeeeeeaaaaammmmm ;)
    PS: I spoted hand made in Paris??is it any good?

  3. *GREAT* shoes! They're going to serve you well. Can't wait to see Steve and Lock Nip in future blogs. Bon voyage!