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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Belfast - proper nice

I have never been so enthusiatic about drinking so much. I want to try every cider available. Two + a ginger beer down, so far.

Happy after the strawberry and lime cider

Ale and ginger beer in a tiny corner pub
Pub fare and pear cider

Lovely art deco type and features

One of the little entries that will take you to a courtyard.

Ok, so we spend most of yesterday pub-hopping, and catching up on some shopping, but today I promise is all about the art scene. There is a lovely council publication listing approx 50 must see venues, of which I have whittled it down to seven (because two others are changing exhibitions). I hope I can get through all of these, because there are also four pubs we simply must see!


  1. I love the sound of strawberry and lime cider! Beautiful art deco buildings too. Happy travels.x

  2. I'm with Shelley..mmmm strawberry and lime cider - proper nice xx