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Monday, June 28, 2010

So how are those owls going, yeah!

Well, you can see for yeeself here.
Not mucho impressed with this tho - got a bit too wanky with trying on technique and ended up with an eagle in the nest (I was composing the blog as I carved ... la, la, la so very good aren't I and thank you to my inspirations ....). Also cleverly forgot about the reverse bit that happens after the printing, and hated myself for buggering this up. Then I pondered giving lectures on composition; pos and neg space and not getting carried away with cross hatching ..."the key is to really consider what will be placed in the top left hand corner, being, of course, where the viewers eyes will first land ..." in the end I decided to cut out the passive behaviour which wasn't solving anything or tricking anyone, and bloody do another cut.
And do so very much like this one better ... very odd isn't it?

And now for that lecture ... as one can see in the print on the left, although the technique is very nice there is nothing interesting in the top lefthand corner to capture your interest. The print on the right, however, uses positive and negetive space in a most clever way and maximises the potential of the top LH corner with a strange looking owl beast.

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  1. Ummm... still love them both. You're bloody clever, you are.