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Saturday, June 26, 2010

overdoing it/sick again

Yesterdays challenge: with a 3.5 hour limit, catch public transport to West End to buy art bits from the Art Shed, and delicious bits from the markets and get back for the grocery delivery. Challenge met with 30 mins to spare. However I did end up walking from South Bank to Montague Road, West End and got 30mins exercise. 30mins too much; today I feel like I was crane kicked in the throat.

Casting this aside, although the lack of lustre means I am complacent enough about other tasks to blog, here is a quick roundup of the week that has been ...
highlights from the gourmet food connect box: rocket, garlic, coriander, granny smiths and vanilla beans
what I made: thai beef salad
latest art project: lesser sooty owls in tree nest (drawing and tracing, cutting, bragging)
I was even able to view an exhibition!
Above and below: Brett Harper - playing with decals and heads
Below: Stephanie Reid - all sold out I'm afraid
Standouts from the exhibition 'Something More', now on at the Circle Gallery. Someone should write a review on this show, it's meaty.


  1. Hope you're feeling better, you poor thing. Loving your new owls... loving them sick. (boom boom)

  2. OOps sounds like the throat is not liking winter!Hope you get better soon.Nice owls too :)