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Monday, June 21, 2010

My creative space

Lot of creative work going on around here. Not just sitting on window sills and smoking a pipe. Well, my little seal friend is doing that, but not me.I'm trying out new prints in preparation for my next big show (Sept/Oct at the Brisbane Square Library). No point just rolling off some proofs - may as well use the ink up on some cards. I'm going to pop these cards in the etsy store one day and make some cash. The show is called The Gatekeeper. I really like the key image, and am working on another one. I'll probably do most of the printing in August, but wanted to show you that I'm pottering around on it now.
This has been my major distraction/delight of late - book making!This is a double page from 'The Loch Nip Monster". You can see the rest here. And here is a double page from The Boy, The Snow and the Loch Nip Moster. Which you can peep here.
They are quite petite. Maybe 10 x 10 cm?
If you want to try your hand at this here is how it works ...Have yourself a sheet of A3 paper.
Fold it in half and in half again, but always in the same direction (can you see above where the binding rings are? - you are making these folds).
Now turn your paper around 90 degrees and do the tricky business of folding this into three sections (see the two lines that have been cut above - you are doing these folds).
Now you want to cut along these fold carefully - start from one side and use your quarter fold lines as a guide. Dont cut all the way, leave one quarter joined. Then turn your paper around and repeat.
Then you get to accordian fold it all up and add your piccies!
How was that for a terrible tutorial. I will aim to do a better one if you are interested ...


  1. lovely key cards Sally x
    What a great title for your little book! Thanks for sharing how to make one as well.

  2. It has been such a long time since I have checked out blog land. I have missed it- that mini book tutorial was fabulous. It was also just the thing I have been looking for. I have set myself the challenge of giving HANDMADE (by me) gifts this year. Have some littlies bdays coming up this will be perfect. Can't wait. THANKS so much. So needed some inspiration.