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Monday, June 7, 2010

get into the olive groove

So, as you know, we did the market thing again on the weekend. This is the sort of thing that as a child I would have loved to imagine I would do as an old person. My happy bear with his fantastic product. Cheeseboards with grooves for your oil/balsamic/dukka/olives. The front one featuring the Brisbane River was the most popular with the crowds. We promise to have more at the Sept market.
The bear's favourite customers of the day!
My artistic effort!
I am enjoying the challenge of making the display. Current challenge is: height.
Highlight of our stand was cheeseface man. He is the ultimate entertainer. You can have a groove with oil and balsamic, another with dukka, and line your olives up in the groove.


  1. I love that the grooves are for extra yummies....I never knew....where's the cheese, indeed!!

  2. You should be in marketing. You're a natural!