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Monday, May 3, 2010

Mother's Day stealthily approaches ... & a freebie

Hello all ...
How are you going with your mother's day shopping? We have found some crazy presents, ranging from plastic duck measuring cups to delicate porcelain vessels. Now just to get to AusPost before the short week runs out.

Last year I got a bit focussed on making graphics for iron-on transfers. I created a couple of cuties for valentines day. But now I am thinking these could be good for Mother's day too ... it must be time for a freebie ...
If you live in the tropics you will be well familiar with the sight of little geckos. Here is one you can print out and make a transfer with. Spoil your mum (and make her laugh) with a gecko teatowel, oven mitt, apron, pillow case or pair of knickers ... the choice is yours.
Visit here to download a lizard (you'll find it in the files).
How to iron-on your lizard:
  1. Save the jpeg to your computer.
  2. Buy some transfer paper and run it through your printer.
  3. Cut around the transfer to get round corners and rid the excess.
  4. Place it on your item, and then iron away (best to follow packet instructions at this point)
  5. Wrap with a pretty bow!


  1. Wow, where do those duck measuring cups come from?! I think I need some of those quite badly.

  2. Lovely to have you on my blog! I pu duck cups into the search engine on both etsy and ebay. Quite of few of these beauties to choose from! Good luck!