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Monday, May 10, 2010

getting printy

Hey all,
I had the apartment to myself the other night and found it was possible to do the printing I had fancied would be fun to get done.
As I am want to do, I had about three things in my mind that I wanted to work on, but I decided that it would be an opportunity to do one thing at a time. This was a great decision, and I found myself moving through some half started projects and finally feeling free to start something completely new. I got some more envelopes maps finished. I like having these at markets, and haven't as yet listed any in my etsy shop. But I have challenged myself to improve my packaging and labelling so I can list some. There are a lot of people creating envelopes from upcycled maps, and other upcycled paper materials. I get quite green eyed about this, and have to remind myself its not an original idea, and to work on my own envelopes to keep them distinct and make sure they are available for people to buy.
I buy maps rather than atlases, and I prefer the really old ones with design from the 80s and earlier. As I have posted before, sometimes the maps are so good I just keep them for framing (one day). I print linocuts of the appropriate floral and faunal state emblems onto the envelopes made from Ausralian maps. This is such geeky fun! The common heath and lead-beater possum for Vic, as seen below. Watch out for these at the next BrisStyle market - June 5.Watch out for my new labels too. For maps outside of Australia I try to think of alternative symbols for printing. I have done skulls and foxes on UK maps, sort of a Mighty Boosh reference. I've got a Tanzania map that I am pondering imagery for ... the pigeon sketch I did a while back is an idea for international maps ... homeing pigeons with messages from afar!

Above is a glimpse of the very new work I have made. I'm pursuing the imagery of skeleton keys at present. Love them! I bought one at the last suitcase rummage for $2! This work could be a series of postcards, but I'm still feeling it out.

What are you up too?


  1. Goodness, you certainly got through a stack of work! It must be so satisfying to look at what you have created.

  2. Don't tell anyone but your envelopes are my fave. Who could resist the gorgeous prints, they're artworks in themselves. Can't wait to stock up on some more at the BiDM.

  3. satisfying vs addiction I think Robyn. Thank you Rebecca, I wont tell a soul, except mine!