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Saturday, April 17, 2010

op shop gold

Op shop gold! This little bundle is from the New Farm RSPCA op shop. I have been trawling around and not finding much at all ...

I have a list in my head ...
antique keys,
glass measuring cups,
polaroid cameras,
travel books on Germany, Paris or Ireland
old drawing pencils and watercolour sets,
retro pitcher with possibly some matching glasses,
books by Roald Dahl that I haven't already collected ...
oh and plus size natural fibre dresses with pockets.

What is your list?

I love maps, and use them to make envelopes which I sell at the markets ... except when the map is of this quality ...
This is a snippet of the Batholemew Children's map of London. I imagine I will frame it eventually. It seems to include bits of nursery rhymes, ie the old woman and her shoe seen here, and also English myths such as the Giant Gog featured higher up!

While on my op shop kick I encouraged the bear to come along with me (or rather drive me in his car) to the Antique precinct at Woolloongabba ... The best by far was the really big grey one that has a cafe in there. Next time we'll have to go earlier so we have time for coffee. We saw some crazy pieces, such as this teary duckling above, which had us in stiches! We walked away empty handed, but happy. I do prefer op shops to antique centres.

Also in other wonderful gold news, the strange rumour I heard about Cafe Bouquiniste being closed was a lie. They are open, and their wonderful cake continues ...

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